Dublin, Éire

Today (20th August) is Philip Lynott’s birthday, so I wanted to write a little blog post in memory of him and in some small way help to keep his legacy alive.  For those who don’t know, Phil was the front man of Ireland’s greatest (and my favourite) rock band, Thin Lizzy.

I was introduced to Thin Lizzy at the tender age of two thanks to my Dad who has been a fan for many, many years.  One day, my Dad had a Thin Lizzy video playing in the living room; I got up, started dancing in front of the TV and from that moment on I haven’t stopped listening to them.

I turned 30 year this year and as a present from my Dad, we (along with my Mum, brother and boyfriend) went on a pilgrimage to Dublin, the hometown of our hero.

For the few days we were in Dublin, we spent our time walking around the City, hitting the tourist hot spots and visiting landmarks linked to Phil’s history –

The Ha’Penny Bridge

Temple Bar

Phil’s statue on Harry Street

The Guinness Factory

And of course, stopping for a pint of Guinness or two along the way

Sadly, Phil died in 1986 at the age of 36.  On my birthday, we visited Sutton, where Phil is laid to rest in St. Fintan’s Cemetery.  My Dad and I finally got the chance to thank Phil for his wonderful music, it was a truly special moment and a memory that will stay with me forever.  It was so lovely to see all the mementos fans had left on his grave and to know that many people visit him often.

After paying our respects, we took a short taxi ride into Howth, a beautiful little fishing village on the coast which rounded off our trip to Dublin perfectly.

To finish this blog post, I’m going to leave you with a few lyrics from a lesser known Thin Lizzy song, Dublin…

And at sea with flowing hair
I’d think of Dublin
Of Grafton Street and Derby Square
And those for whom I really care and you, in Dublin

Happy birthday Phil – until the next time!


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